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Interesting people are often drawn to the same curiosities I am. Every so often, I stumble upon a goldmine in the vast expanse of the internet, revealing what I term the Living Web - not content put up by big media or hastily produced writings, but thoughtful, genuine ideas. This is my effort to shine a light on those genuine corners. I'll share links to what I've read every Friday.

Thanks to devpapa for the inspiration (and yes, I'm shamelessly borrowing the concept).

The Living Web counters the Dead Internet theory, which claims the web is more machine than man. Instead, the Living Web represents those rare spots online still brimming with genuine human expression and ideas.

Startup Stuff:

The danger of a distraction depends not on how long it is, but on how much it scrambles your brain. A programmer can leave the office and go and get a sandwich without losing the code in his head. But the wrong kind of interruption can wipe your brain in 30 seconds.
- Paul Graham

Interesting Stuff: