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Updated Plans for December

But also apart from leetcode not very measurable or targeted
- Josh Shipton

With the feedback in mind here are my updated goals (they didn't even last a day).

Overarching goal for this holidays: Prepare yourself so that you can get an internship (get at least one credential)

Side mission: Create software for English teachers

  1. Leetcode - Complete Leetcode's Top Interview 150
    • Add it to the morning routine. At least one a day.
    • Record yourself explaining your solution and what you learnt (most important part)
  2. Communication - I'd like to be better at technical communication and being more articulate in general. There have been many times where I've struggled to express my thoughts clearly.
    • Whenever I come across a new concept or something cool, make a one minute video explaining what it is.
    • Ask my friends to review my video (thanks Djmon n Josh!)
    • After recording a video, watch it! (probably the most important part)
  3. Understanding of more computer stuff. I want to understand more about computer architecture, and how it all works. I plan to do this by researching about linux and learning how to use the terminal; I'll learn about computers work by learning about how the tools work.

thoughts by ch3ngl0rd ᕦʕ •ᴥ•ʔᕤ

This looks like a pretty good place to start
  1. Something about being better at writing and communicating my ideas - similar to point number 2. I was trying to come up with a very simple and clear way of getting this point but like better to just dump it out idk lol.
    • Write a draft on Monday, and Thursday about something interesting. It doesn't matter whether it's posted. Just write a draft.

The goal is consistency. Don't burnout and do a bit everyday.

ch3ngl0rd out!